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Priya Thakoor Testimonial
June 2016
As a colleague, Becky has always been dedicated to achieving results and always sees a task to completion. Her keen ability to navigate difficult circumstances and always offer solutions is an admirable quality. She is able to withstand challenging situations and has a real knack for problem solving. Although she does not realize, she has well honed ‘people skills’ and can deal well with conflict resolution.

My experiences with Becky, as a colleague, have always been positive which has resulted in my confidence in her as a Realtor and why I use Becky for all my Real Estate needs in Georgia. Becky is action-oriented and I can definitely vouch for her experience in the real estate industry, her competence and professionalism. She is customer focused and always strives to exceed expectations. I regularly recommend her to my personal and professional networks for all real estate needs.
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